About Me: Mehnaz Ladha

Hello! I'm Mehnaz Ladha. I grew up in a multicultural household and learned to speak several different languages, including Gujarati, Hindi and Spanish.

Early on, I noted the lack of diversity in the cultural landscape of the 21st century and became determined to tell the stories of marginalized individuals. Through my writing, I hope to level the playing field and make sure that diversity is something that is celebrated rather than marked complete on a checklist.

I encourage you to browse through my portfolio, which covers a wide range of topics from politics to entertainment. Also, you can contact me through this form.


In August 2017, I was featured in two digital galleries for Glamour.com that celebrated female empowerment and diversity. Check out the galleries in the links below:

"We Asked 50 Women From 50 States: What's Something Big You've Overcome or Accomplished?"

"These 22 College Students Will Change Your Perspective on What It's Like to be a Young Woman in America Right Now"



Sitting on the edge of the popular tourist spot that is Central Athens, Pangrati is a district of small businesses that played a pivotal role in keeping the nation’s economy afloat in the years following Greece’s financial crisis of 2009. The experiences of these business owners offer a unique perspective of how severely the bailout crisis has affected the Greek economy, which has shown very little improvement in the past 10 years. Overwhelmed by austerity measures, including mass tax hikes and cuts in public spending, business owners are frustrated with the response of the both the Greek Parliament and European Union. Click here to read more.